Red Wings Show Their Age, Penguins Show Them The Door

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For the first time in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Red Wings looked sad and old, while the younger, vitamin-eating Penguins skated circles around them to even the series. And none of us stayed up to watch "The Tonight Show."

After Detroit dominated the first two games, the tables slowly turned in Games 3 and 4, and now I don't know what to think about either team. They could do another 180 back at Joe Louis Arena this weekend, or Henrik Zetterberg could lay down at center ice and take a nap. By the middle of the second period last night the Penguins were two steps faster the Wings, scoring three goals in six minutes, mostly because the Wings couldn't get back on defense. Pittsburgh looked like a well-oiled machine and Detroit looked like a creaky, busted one, but they still have home-ice advantage, so maybe we'll get another seven-gamer out of this and NBC won't have to feel ashamed of itself.


Oh, and the two-headed Malkin/Crosby monster has finally awoken from its brief slumber so there's that too. How can both teams be so good, yet seem so unevenly matched ... and somehow we still can't tell which one has the advantage. Go the distance, as the voice says.

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