Reds Third Baseman Todd Frazier Is Quickly Becoming A Folk Hero

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You may remember reading about the Reds' Todd Frazier last week, when he hit a Jamie Moyer "fastball" out of the park by essentially throwing his bat at the pitch. It was a pretty incredible feat, one which ensured that the 26-year-old rookie will at least be as memorable as that bird that Randy Johnson destroyed when his career ends.


But Todd Frazier is not satisfied with merely being remembered as the "No-Handed Home Run Guy." Todd Frazier is not just an average baseball player who once did an absurd thing on the field. He is also a god damned life saver.

According to, Frazier was having dinner at a restaurant with teammate Ryan Ludwick in Pittsburgh on Monday night, when the pair noticed that a man at the table next to them was choking to death. The two women who were with the man were trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver in vain. So Frazier decided to come to the rescue. Recalling his Heimlich training from high school, Frazier sprung into action and quickly expelled the large piece of steak that was blocking the man's airway.

Frazier also had some choice words to share with afterward:

It was a big, fat piece, too, it was pretty insane.

I remembered in high school they taught us, a couple of fingers below the sternum. It hacked that thing right out.

Todd Frazier, just hittin' no-handed home runs and hackin' out big, fat pieces of steak. Pretty insane indeed.

Frazier saves choking victim with Heimlich []