Redskins fans are excited for the new season.

We'll be dropping in our MNF GIFs down here for the night. Check back for updates often. We start with this clusterfuck:

Well, this is one way to start a game. Chip Kelly's offense looked unstoppable until it stopped itself. A questionably-called backward pass was batted down at the line and scooped up by DeAngelo Hall who sauntered 75 yards back to the end zone for the touchdown. Replay determined that the call on the field stood, that is, could not be overturned. 7-0 Skins. -Sean

I think Shanahan was the seven-pin in this situation. The Eagles continue to thrash the Redskins as Operation Patience ends for RGIII and begins for Redskins faithful. Yoink!


More patience:


Hey that was fun, the Eagles won 33-27 and will win the Super Bowl. Now we've got Game Two! With Berman and Dilfer. So many unbuttoned and untied collars.

First up is this Andre Johnson touchdown that was not a touchdown since he was touched roughly 65 times when he hit the ground. The referees are having a rusty start to the year.


The Chargers are having their way with the Texans. They've doubled them up, 28-14 heading into the fourth quarter. Philip Rivers has 187 yards on 13 completions, three of which are touchdowns. But that's not really fun GIFing. A big block on a punt return, on the other hand, now that's fun GIFing.

So much for being doubled-up. Brian Cushing tied things up for the Texans late in the fourth with this sprawling interception and 18-yard return.


Despite letting the Chargers walk all over them for most of the game, the Texans had a chance to win it with a 41-yard field goal with five seconds left. Randy Bullock—Houston's fifth-round draft pick in 2012—drilled it, capping off a 21-point comeback for the Texans and win that left Qualcomm Stadium eerily silent. In one replay, Chargers fans can be seen leaving before the kick went through the uprights. They knew.