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Redskins Give Thanks: Your NFL Early Games Open Thread

Week eleven is here for those of you not already reduced to tears on Thursday. As always, chat about the games down in the comments.

Tampa Bay at Green Bay (FOX): Aaron Rodgers has been infected by color analyst-speak: "'You have to be patient when you're playing the quarterback position and sometimes the best throw is the dump-off or the throwaway, which we've had a few of those,' Rodgers said. 'But we're just in a good rhythm right now passing the ball, guys are making big plays down the field and making the easy play. We talked about before the game, the way we're going to win is not through some miraculous play or some incredible scheme we've drawn up, it's going to be through executing the plays we know how to run and doing them with extra effort.'" The "the [x] position" mumbo jumbo is the worst thing to happen to sports since whatever the last thing was to annoy me. [Channel3000]


Carolina at Detroit (FOX): Lions defensive coordinator, Gunther Cunningham, thinks his team's speed will be the kryptonite that slows down Cam Newton. I figure they should just do what everyone else does: Let Cam do whatever he wants and just beat the Panthers anyway. [MLive]

Jacksonville at Cleveland (CBS): Maurice Jones-Drew has apparently been described as a "rolling ball of butcher knives." Don't leave him alone with either of these fanbases, then. [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Oakland at Minnesota (CBS): Is this the week that Carson Palmer truly dusts off the rust and lights up a defense? Minnesota has had one of the best run defenses for what seems like forever. The question, though, is whether that's due to the strength of their rush defense, or the weakness of their passing defense. Also Oakland is in first place of the AFC West, so that whole Al Davis was just a horcrux and the Devil finally found out theory has been proven.

Buffalo at Miami (CBS): I don't know how they do it, but the Dolphins just keep bringing a smile to my face. Here's the latest: "The Bills (5-4) were the hottest team in the AFC East earlier this season, but injuries have cooled Buffalo off a bit. The Bills have lost two straight games, and the last one was an embarrassing 44-7 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. But considering the Dolphins are 2-7 can this team really afford to take an opponent lightly? Especially playing without Dan Carpenter, the team's trusted kicker?" Especially. [Sun-Sentinel]


Dallas at Washington (FOX): The Redskins, in one incredible sentence: "Quarterback Rex Grossman makes his second start since reclaiming his job, and Redskins players and his coaches believe that despite his warts (11 interceptions and two fumbles in six games), the nine-year veteran gives them the best chance to win." [WaPo]

Cincinnati at Baltimore (FOX): Joe Flacco was fined $7,500 for his touchdown-saving horse collar tackle following an interception in last week's game. It's like absolutely no one says: Better to save touchdowns than dollars. [Baltimore Sun]


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