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Referee: Irate José Mourinho Cussed Me Out In Dressing Room

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Earlier this week, England’s Football Association gave José Mourinho a fine and a one-match ban from the sideline for some sort of behavior that got him sent to the stands during halftime of Chelsea’s 1-2 loss to West Ham. Now we know exactly why: it was because Mourinho freaked the fuck out on the refs.


Today, the FA released the the written explanation for why it handed down the punishment it did. Part of that included the statement of Jon Moss, the head referee on the day. Here’s that statement, from the Guardian (emphasis mine):

“When myself and my colleagues left the field of play at half-time, as we entered the tunnel area to get to our dressing room, Mr Mourinho the Chelsea manager was waiting for us clearly agitated and began aggressively asking about first half decisions. Rather than publicly speak to him I asked him to step into the entrance of my dressing room escorted by Simon Sutton, the West Ham United Security Manager.

“Mr Mourinho asked me about a tackle, an offside and a goal-line clearance. I gave him brief answers to his questions. After this I asked him to leave the dressing room area. He refused. I asked him again. After he refused again I asked Mr Sutton to escort him from the room. At this point Mr Mourinho became very aggressive and animated. He shouted that you fucking referees are weak... [Arsène] Wenger is right about you... you are fucking weak. I advised Mr Mourinho not to take his position in the technical area for the second half due to his actions.”

Yep, that sounds like the Mourinho we know.


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