• Recession proof?: Did Reggie Bush and his girlfriend toss cash around in a club—and brag to tabloids about it—then pick up all the money and keep it themselves? [SbB]

• Dunk me, I'm Irish: Hey, it's St. Patrick's Day! Otherwise known as "everybody dress like the Celtics day" in the NBA. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• Do you feel lucky?: I hope Packers DB Jarrett Bush never Googles himself, because according to the search engine he stinks at football. [The Bucky Channel]

• Busted: These are the people in your bracket pool, the people that you meet when you're walking down the street and want to punch in the face because they took all your money. [Three Idiots on Sports]

• Pass: All the hopes of the U.S. baseball team rest on the arm of Ted Lilly. So what else is on tonight? [Rumors and Rants]


• Bizzaro: In the N.I.T., the visiting team hosts you! [Friar Blog]