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Reggie Bush To See Fewer Boobs In 2007

If you've already heard about it you're probably still reeling; as for us, it's going to take some time to get over the news that Reggie Bush has been banned from the Playboy Mansion. Why, you ask? The source says only that the ban was "non-Playmate related."

So how did this happen? It's bound to come out sooner or later, so submit your guesses now. Our research shows that it usually involves trying to sneak in an unauthorized friend, as has happened in the past with Luke Wilson, and Johnny Drama.


So, Reggie Bush banned from the Playboy Mansion, and Gary Busey still free to roam the premises. Thanks for your time.

Banned! [New York Daily News, via The Wizard of Odds]

Luke Wilson Got Banned From The Playboy Mansion [The Darkhat]

(UPDATE: A Playboy rep emails us and says Bush hasn't been banned from the Mansion. WHEW!)

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