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Reintroducing Jack Cust

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Anyone who has paid attention the world of sabermetrics and Baseball Prospectus over the last few years is probably familiar with Jack Cust. For years, he was that supposed slugging Colorado catcher we were all waiting to take over the National League, the guy we hoped no one else in our fantasy league knew about. And we waited and waited and waited ... and then it just never happened. Even the most devoted stathead gave up on him.


And now, jeez, the guy has exploded. In his last four games, he has five homers and 12 RBIs, including his insane walk-off homer yesterday. He's still living in a hotel and has been back in the majors for a week.

It has been amusing to watch his nuttiness, if just to monitor his father's Web site. His dad is a famous hitting instructor, sort of the new Tom Emanski, minus the cheesy Fred McGriff videos. We suppose his son finally emerging as a non-failure as a hitter can only help business, though we still want to see if Cust can throw a ball in a little tube from center field. Always impressed by that.


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