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Rejoice: Recently Cancelled Glenn Beck Joins Forces With MLB's Media Arm

Glenn Beck and Fox News recently announced that his show there was ending. Aw, said few. Beck plans on launching his own multiplatform media network after Fox, and word came today that the good folks at MLB Advanced Media would stream the video.

Now, this isn't quite like when Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa decided to attend Beck's Restoration Hardware rally last summer. Don't expect Joe Torre to take to the chalkboard to explain why Scott Proctor is a Trotskyite. MLBAM hosts plenty of other streaming video—for, for March Madness on Demand, among others—and allegedly does a good job with it. It also makes somewhere on the order of a kajillion dollars for the owners.


But we still find it a little odd that an arm of MLB would jump into bed with a fellow so caustic he got Wal-Mart to boycott Fox News. After all, the league is concerned enough with appearing squeaky clean to the steroids-as-satanic-scourge Bob Costas acolytes that A-Rod's cousin can't hang out in a hotel lobby.

Of course, then you realize that Beck's stage tour sold well comfortably far from the coasts, and it all just makes a fuzz more sense. Where does Costas live again?


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