Remember to touch every base

Failing to step on the bag after a HR is latest trend sweeping baseball

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Screenshot: MLB/MLB Pipeline

Yes, if you hit a home run you still need to step on all the bases and, of course, home plate. It’s not a crazy, or even a controversial, rule. But sometimes, even the pros forget.


Last night, two ball players hit homers that were ruled out. Why? Because they did not step on a base.

One was clearly out. The other? Eh, not so much.

Let’s start with the obvious one in Pittsburgh where, in the bottom of the first, Ke’Bryan Hayes, son of former big leaguer Charlie Hayes, hit a solo shot to put the Pirates on the board… for the moment.

Then, the umpires reviewed the footage and saw this.

Uhhhh, you’re out.

And, yeah, it doesn’t look like Pittsburgh’s first-base coach Tarrik Brock was watching the bag, either. Not that it’s his fault. If you’re a MLB coach, isn’t it safe to assume players will remember to touch first base? I think you know the answer.


Now on to the minors, where another homer was ruled an out. But this one isn’t so clear cut.

In the top of the fifth, NW Arkansas’ Bobby Witt Jr., son of another former major leaguer, pitcher Bobby Witt, Sr. mashed his second homer of the night and rounded all the bases. Or so he thought.


Notice the double take when Witt crosses home plate. Still, he looks safe. Right?


Call me blind, but that looks like a ball player’s shoe on home plate and an umpire watching said ballplayer step on home plate.

Am I crazy?

Patrick Mahomes asked a similar question.


The play was officially ruled a triple, with Witt called out at home.

Witt’s NW Arkansas Naturals would wind up beating the Frisco RoughRiders anyway, 7 to 6.