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Reminder: Tips Are Highly Encouraged, Gentle Friends

This is a gentle nudge to remind you, brave internet lurkers, that your tips are welcome at all times. From the poignant, to the mundane, to the ridiculous, we will do our best to use them in some capacity.

Some of our most successful stories in Deadspin history were conceived right inside our magical tips box.


Like this one:…

And more recently, this one:…


Oh, and of course, this interesting day:…


The thing is, those weren't left unattended. We did the follow-ups required to make sure those stories were vetted more than just the old (soon to be returning) #deletedscenes. Yes, even the ESPN Horndoggery day was given the old journalism treatment. Shocking, I know. I hope the way we do things doesn't prevent any long-haired Michigan obsessives from getting updates on player scholarship eligibility from his team's athletic department. That would SUCK.

But we love your tips. We don't use RSS feeds and we only read a handful of sites for pure enjoyment per day, so we love everything you send our way: links, story ideas, rumors and even questionable, absurd tales like this:

A close buddy of mine told me a story about Griffey and his son. His dad was shooting the cover for Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest back when the n64 was popular. Anyways, Griffey leaves the room for a bit and his dad touches his glove and puts it on his hand, imagining it was him making the catches. He puts it back where he found it and Griffey re-enters the room. "Who touched my glove" asks Griffey. His dad nervously sputters "um i did". Griff says "now i gotta get a new one". Anyways, while he wasn't watching his son, he bites my friends dads daughter in the back and she starts bawling. They did end up getting an autographed jersey and ball though.


And absolutely yes on your citizen journalism photos. Athlete dong or otherwise. Like this:


"Barry melrose and steve levy leaving philly airport"

So that's all. Keep them coming:


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Go Blue.

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