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Illustration for article titled Report: Assholes Racially Abuse Black Kids On AC Milans Under-10 Team

If you're shouting racist abuse at nine-year-olds, you are truly one of the worst human beings in the world.


According to a report from, black players on AC Milan's under-10 academy side were "booed and heckled throughout the match by parents on the sidelines" during a match yesterday, though it wasn't immediately known whose parents were shouting the abuse. The AC Milan youngsters were taking on PSG in the quarterfinals of the Universal Cup, a prestigious youth tournament held in Northern Italy. After the match, which Milan won 4-0, the team complained to tournament organizers, and heartbreakingly "consoled their black players who had been abused."

AC Milan released the following statement (emphasis theirs):

MILAN – The Milan youth sector team, the Esordienti 2004, take on Benfica today in the semi-final of the Universal Cup. The prestigious youth tournament is taking place in Forte dei Marmi and kick-off is at midday. Milan reached this stage after defeating PSG yesterday.

It has been brought to our attention however that during yesterday's match between Milan-PSG, that there was alleged incidents of racism from certain "people" in the stands towards Milan's black players.

We do not wish to magnify the issue, but truly hope that these reports aren't true or that it was simply a sporadic incident. If they were to be confirmed, then it would be simply unacceptable.


Meanwhile, organizers of the Universal Cup posted an anti-racism video to their Facebook page.

Racism isn't new to Italian soccer, of course. Two years ago Kevin-Prince Boateng and his AC Milan teammates walked off the pitch during an exhibition game in which he was subject to racist chanting from the stands, and Mario Balotelli has long been subject to racist abuse, just two of the more high profile incidents in recent memory. But shouting racist garbage at nine-year-old kids? Jesus fucking Christ.


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