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Report: Clippers Hire SI's Lee Jenkins To Ambiguous-Sounding Basketball Operations Post

Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty)

The Los Angeles Clippers are hiring senior Sports Illustrated fawning-profile-writer Lee Jenkins for ... some sort of front office basketball operations position?


Wondering what the hell an “Executive Director of Research and Indentity” is? First of all, “indentity” is probably a typo. Wojnarowski’s first tweet—since deleted—described the job as “Executive Director of Research and Insight,” which was even more vague and confusing. Here are some more strange and confusing words from Woj:

How are the two parts of that sentence related? How exactly are the Clippers “banking” that Jenkins’s history as at Sports Illustrated can “significantly impact a front office’s basketball operations”? Woj spoke to Jenkins soon after posting his cryptic tweets, and this is some of what Jenkins had to say about his new role:

“In our line of work, we ask questions from different angles, assemble information in different ways. We try to put it together like puzzles, until we’ve formed a portrait of a person. I’m going to try to bring that same process to the Clippers in hopes it will complement what their incredible group of evaluators already accomplish. This team is interested not just in what players do but who they are — how they’re wired, how they’re motivated — and that’s an area I love to explore.

“But I have to be honest with myself. This is all very new and there will be trial and error. All I know for sure is that the Clippers have the tools to build one of the great sports stories, and I’m excited to contribute.”


If, after reading that, you’re still tilting your head to one side like a confused dog, know that you are not alone. The best we can come up with so far is some sort of in-house Players’ Tribune sort of effort. Give us your best guesses down below.

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