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Report: Conor McGregor Charged With Felony After Stomping A Fan's Phone Into Oblivion

Photo: Twitter

Full-time MMA fighter and part-time racist Conor McGregor was arrested on Monday night for breaking a fan’s phone into a bunch of tiny pieces with what we can probably assume was an expensive pair of shoes.

According to a police report obtained by the Miami Herald, McGregor was walking out of LIV nightclub early Monday morning when a fan approached him for a photo. The former two-division UFC champ then smacked the phone out of the fan’s hand and stomped on it repeatedly. He then picked up the reportedly thousand-dollar phone and walked away with it, according to the cops.


He wasn’t arrested until hours ago where detectives found him in a Miami Beach home. He was charged with felony strong-armed robbery and misdemeanor criminal mischief, per Miami Beach police.

The arrest comes almost 11 months after McGregor was charged with misdemeanor assault—which was eventually negotiated down in exchange for a plea deal—for causing a bit of a ruckus at a UFC media event where he threw a bunch of heavy shit at a bus carrying fighters. It also comes less than a week after his mother’s birthday.

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