Report: Curt Schilling's Charity Ditched A Hurricane Harvey Relief Trailer That Didn't Even Belong To Him

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Former pitcher and part-time gamer Curt Schilling sprung into action after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August. He asked for donations to his charity Operation Bullpen, filled up trailers, and drove to Texas with volunteers. Schilling was briefly hindered in Tennessee, however, when one of the trailers broke down. The supplies were supposedly transferred to a new trailer, but it’s now being reported that Schilling ditched the old one and never went to fix it or bring it back.

Earlier this week NBC Boston spoke with the trailer’s owners, Keith Tobin and Tom Latham, who said Tuesday they would travel from Massachusetts to Tennessee to pick up the now-repaired trailer (along with an approximately $500 repair bill). Once the news station started sniffing around, Tobin and Latham received an update:

A request for comment from Schilling’s representative has not been returned to NBC Boston. However, later Tuesday Latham told NBC Boston he has heard from Schilling’s wife, who said they will work with the owners to get the trailer back.

NBC Boston talked with the man who said he repaired the trailer and is storing it Tuesday morning, who said no one has paid the bill of over $500. Later Tuesday, the Schillings indicated they had paid the bill and plan to fund the gas and tolls for Latham and Tobin’s trip south to retrieve the trailer.


Although Schilling didn’t provide comment to NBC Boston, he did tweet about how it wasn’t his fault.


Now he’s mad that people paid attention to his charity’s inaction for four months:


It’s so unlike Curt to abandon an ambitious project and shirk responsibility.

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