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Report: Dismissed Louisville Basketball Player Threatened Girlfriend

Louisville basketball player Chris Jones—who was suspended from the team, reinstated, and finally dismissed yesterday—allegedly threatened to hit his girlfriend last week, according to a University of Louisville Police Department report obtained by Insider Louisville via an open record request. The police report was filed on Feb. 17, the day Jones was initially suspended from the team, and contains allegations that he threatened his girlfriend over text message (emphasis mine):

Ms. [REDACTED] reports she and student Chris Jones have been in an intimate off and on relationship the past year. Ms. [REDACTED] states last night around 12am she went to his apartment but he left. She waited for him, but he did not return. At 3am she departed his room after "messing up" his room as she stated. At 2 pm Jones then responded by texting her cell phone, he would "smack TF (the fuck) out of" her.

Ms. [REDACTED] did not want Jones prosecuted, but preferred that someone talk to him about his behavior.

The Dean of Students will be notified of this incident.

That isn't the end of Jones's problems. Insider Louisville reports that the University confirmed "that campus police are conducting an investigation into a separate incident report," which is presumably what led to Jones's dismissal from the team yesterday. Police, referring to an "ongoing investigation," wouldn't release the report or any details about the second incident.


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