Report: Ezekiel Elliott Only Signed His Merchandise At A Fantasy Football Convention

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Ezekiel Elliott’s autograph session on Saturday at the National Fantasy Football Convention was a total nightmare for some fans.

For starters, he showed up late and he only signed his own merchandise—which included shirts that were on sale for $25. According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Stefan Stevenson, fans were told before the autograph session that the one-time Pro Bowler would sign two items of their choice. They only found out later that wasn’t the case.

And to make it worse, some fans didn’t get autographs and spent tons of money for nothing. For example, Roberto Cartagena told the Star-Telegram that he flew in from Los Angeles for the event, spending $1,900 on a both, $1,000 on a Legends pass, and buying two Dallas Cowboys mini helmets. He thought he would get Elliott to sign those mini helmets, and use them as a giveaway on his website. But Elliott didn’t sign them.


The Star-Telegram report did find a fan who was totally fine with Elliot’s demands. But the majority quoted were angry, and understandably so. Ricky Villa told the newspaper that he’d been rejected for autographs by Elliot three times.

Villa didn’t waste any time voicing how he felt, saying Elliot has “been a punk all three times.”