Report: Former Oregon Receiver Brought Down Gunman At A Portland High School

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Photo: Ryan Kang (AP Photo)

Former Oregon receiver Keanon Lowe was able to tackle an armed student to the ground before anyone got hurt at a Portland-area high school on Friday, according to multiple reports.


Police have not released any details about the suspect’s intentions, his name or even whether he fired any shots—The Oregonian reported that one officer noticed a blast-like smell, but added that cops had not confirmed the legitimacy of that comment.

Students told reporters that Lowe, a football coach, track coach and security guard at Parkrose High School, showed up to the classroom looking for the student/eventual gunman who wasn’t there at the time. Moments later, the student appeared just before the end of class and pulled out a shotgun from a trench coat, though he never pointed the gun at anyone. Students quickly fled the classroom as police arrived, and they were transported to a nearby department store parking lot to be reunited with family members. When police eventually found the gunman, Lowe had already brought him down to the ground.

It’s worth noting that a police spokesman declined to confirmed Lowe’s involvement in subduing the student, but the AP wrote in their story that cops “found the gunman being detained by the staff member” (emphasis my own), in direct reference to Lowe. Students who were in school at the time of the incident also seem to be in agreement that the football coach was the man who saved the day. The heroics even seem to be in line with who he is as a person, according to a fellow track coach.

Lowe told reporters as he was leaving the school: “I’m just happy everyone was OK. I’m happy I was able to be there for the kids and for the community.”

Lowe was a receiver for the Oregon Ducks from 2010-2014. He totaled 891 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns in 68 games during his career, and was a frequent target of Marcus Mariota. He famously faked an injury just before the 2013 Fiesta Bowl so a senior teammate could play in his first, last and only bowl game of his college career.


As for the school itself, the prom scheduled for Saturday is still expected to go on as planned, and classes will resume Monday.