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Report: Former Penn State Administrator Had "A Secret File" On Jerry Sandusky

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It's only Day 2 of the trial against Jerry Sandusky, and already it looks even more damning for officials at Penn State, two of whom—former senior vice president for business and finance Gary Schultz and on-leave athletic director Tim Curley—still face separate trials for perjury and failure to report abuse.

First, there was an NBC report indicating that the university's former president, Graham Spanier, said in an email it would be "humane" to keep Sandusky's alleged abuse from the police, and that Spanier could face criminal charges as a result. And now, Pittsburgh TV station KDKA says it has obtained documents that indicate Schultz "kept a secret file with allegations regarding Sandusky and sex abuse."


The gag order that's been applied to the Sandusky trial obviously doesn't extend to the Schultz and Curley cases. The KDKA report quotes from a statement issued by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office that says the file, which was "created, maintained and possessed by Schultz," had surfaced "only recently." The statement also says that additional computer files that had been subpoenaed a while ago were also just turned over.

And why is all of this relevant? Here's KDKA:

Those documents filed by the Attorney General's office late Monday indicate Schultz told so many lies in his Grand Jury testimony that it was impossible to respond to each and every one of them.


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