Report: Frank Gore Had Serious Doubts About The Eagles' Offense

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After committing to the Eagles, then waffling the next day, Frank Gore appears to be heading to Indianapolis:

That money is very interesting. As Schefter notes, that's almost precisely the terms that were reported for Gore's handshake agreement with the Eagles, specifically the $7.5 million guaranteed.

(Update, 6:10 p.m.: Gore to the Colts is a done deal, and contains $8.5 million in guaranteed money.)


We don't know the exact breakdowns of the two deals, and another report says the Colts' offer was slightly more lucrative. But enough to change Gore's mind after he told all his friends he was going to Philly?

Fox Sports' Mike Garafalo says Gore's decision was also about what kind of situation he would have found himself in—specifically, an offense with an underwhelming passing game:

Gore also had significant concerns from a football standpoint, and one of them was whether the Eagles would struggle without Maclin and without a big-time receiving threat.

Eagles coach Chip Kelly, who now has full control over personnel in Philly, clearly put a price on Maclin's services and wouldn't authorize the team to match a contract from Kansas City.


A source said Gore also indicated to a friend he was concerned with what he heard about Kelly's overbearing approach in Philly. Kelly's intense, no-nonsense approach — which has helped make him successful throughout his college and professional coaching career — initially rubbed McCoy the wrong way, though McCoy and Kelly were able to patch up their relationship for a good part of their two seasons together. However, receiver DeSean Jackson and cornerback Cary Williams were among those who didn't mesh well with Kelly's philosophy, and Williams indicated Kelly's lengthy, up-tempo practices were an issue for veterans who wanted to rest their bodies during the week.


The Colts have had more recent success too, but that's not a runaway advantage—neither have exactly looked like world-beaters. But Indy will clearly surround Gore with more weapons than Philly can: Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton vs. (as of now) Nick Foles/Mark Sanchez and Riley Cooper.

After letting Reggie Wayne go, and giving up on the grand Trent Richardson experiment, the Colts are clearly set on fleshing out the offense. In addition to Gore, they appear close to signing his former University of Miami teammate Andre Johnson:


The question is—and Gore's reversal means we're not the only ones asking it—what exactly is Chip Kelly's plan?


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