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Report: Fredi González Found Out He Was Fired Via An Email About A Flight Reservation

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Fredi González was officially fired by the Atlanta Braves this morning after the team lost in Pittsburgh last night to bring their record down to 9-28. The game was the first of a four-game road series, and, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, González first found out something was up when he got an email that he was scheduled to be on a flight back home to Atlanta, despite three more games to be played in Pittsburgh.

An hour or so after the Braves’ 8-5 series-opening loss to the Pirates, a person familiar with the situation said Gonzalez received an email notifying him of his scheduled flight to Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon.


The Braves had already made the decision to fire him and booked his commercial flight home Tuesday, but didn’t plan to tell him he’d been fired until Tuesday morning, after president of baseball operations John Hart flew to Pittsburgh to join general manager John Coppolella.

Getting fired on the road sucks, especially when you find out by accident, but it’s still better than finding out you were fired on Twitter at the same time as everyone else.

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