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Report: Gerald Green Had Bloody Hands, Punched Someone In The Eye

Illustration for article titled Report: Gerald Green Had Bloody Hands, Punched Someone In The Eye

Miami Heat swingman Gerald Green was hospitalized Nov. 4 after causing a commotion at his condominium that came with very little explanation. The Miami Herald has obtained the police report for the incident and unearthed a few more details about what happened, but they mostly raise further questions.


Miami Fire and Rescue was initially called to the building, but police were called for help after Green turned into a “combative patient.” From the Herald:

Green, 29, showed up at the front desk of his condo with bloody hands, asked a clerk to call paramedics, then walked outside into the valet area, where he collapsed.

Then Green recovered, walked back inside and punched someone in the eye who was trying to stop him from going back up to his apartment, the report says.

“Mr. Green tried to make his way up to his unit. When victim #1 tried to hold Mr. Green in the lobby area for fire rescue, Mr. Green punched the victim in the right eye,” Miami police officer John Collins wrote in his report.


Police haven’t charged Green with any crimes (the punchee declined to press charges), but the Heat punished him for conduct detrimental to the team:

According to the Herald, the day before the incident, Green had been treated at his condo for dehydration. He missed the Heat game that night with what was only termed an illness.

It’s still unclear how Green bloodied his hands, or why he was acting the way described in the police report.


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