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It's looking more and more like FSU QB Jameis Winston will go first overall, to the Buccaneers. But according to Peter King in today's MMQB, Winston doesn't plan to be there for the traditional photo op:

Jameis Winston does not intend to attend the draft in Chicago. Rather, he plans to spend the draft with his family and friends down south. At least, that's the plan for now.

Which got me to thinking: When is the last time the first pick of the draft—Winston is the leader in the clubhouse—did not attend the draft to be congratulated by the commissioner?


(If you know the answer to that, please share; I'm curious.)

Winston's lawyer explains:


The fact that we're hearing this from Winston's lawyer, and not say, Winston himself, or even an agent, is telling enough. He's still toxic. He'd be heckled mercilessly by the draft crowd. Hell, I wouldn't put it past the NFL telling him to stay away just to avoid the existence of photos of Roger Goodell and Winston shaking hands.


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