Report: Jason Pierre-Paul Had His Right Index Finger Amputated

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Schrödinger’s firework-mangled defensive lineman has come to an apparent resolution, at least as far as the immediate severity of the injuries. ESPN’s Adam Schefter has tweeted out what he says is a medical chart showing that Jason Pierre-Paul had his right index finger amputated today, after suffering a firework-related injury over the holiday weekend.

Since the initial reports of Pierre-Paul hurting his hand, details have been scarce about what happened. Nobody has turned up a police report or 911 call, not even TMZ, and Giants officials weren’t able to meet with the defensive end today, and have reportedly pulled the $60 million contract they had offered earlier this offseason. Heck, Schefter himself reported a few days ago that “early indications are, hand injury is not career threatening” followed by another tweet that said Pierre-Paul “didn’t lose any fingers,” which would have been true true up until the moment Pierre-Paul reportedly did lose a finger. And Schefter reports further that a “medical source” “expects him to play this season, ‘sooner than people think.’”


There’s every reason to think this story will change another 30 times, especially once we get down to casting blame and the insurers get involved. In the meantime, we can camp out on JPP’s Instagram page, or if you know anything else, you can let us know at or (for extra security) use our SecureDrop.

Image via Associated Press