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Report: Mike Shanahan Was Near-Obsessive With RG3's Media Availability

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Mike Shanahan is most likely done as Washington's head coach after today's game, which means this is an opportune time to talk anonymously about him. It seems that many people inside the Skins organization took advantage of that.


The Washington Post report by Kent Babb and Mark Maske contains information and anecdotes from "nearly 20 people inside the Redskins organization or close to it." Shanahan's peppered with blame, including criticism of his organizational skills, resistance to suggestions, and nepotism in using his son Kyle as offensive coordinator. If you believe the sources, he was the one who ruined the good thing the team had going, not owner Dan Snyder. Earlier this month, a report from Dan Graziano claimed that Snyder had a preferential relationship with Griffin which rankled Shanahan and his desire to have every player on equal footing. But now, the coach is getting his dirt unearthed.


One section in particular stuck out about how Shanahan controlled the relationship between then-rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and the media. From the report:

So when Griffin arrived at Redskins Park, Shanahan immediately put limits on who could even speak to the rookie. Only Shanahan, his son and quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur could contact Griffin to discuss football. Shanahan limited his media availability to once during the week — two fewer times than Griffin faced reporters as a junior at Baylor — and after games. Kyle Shanahan stood on a balcony and timed Griffin's Wednesday news conferences; if the meeting surpassed 10 minutes, the coordinator complained to Wyllie, the team's communications director. Requests for one-on-one interviews were declined even if Griffin was willing, and if a reporter wandered too close to Griffin's locker, it was common for Wyllie to interrupt the chat.

Less noteworthy, but funny: Donovan McNabb, quarterback for the Skins in 2010, was a dick to Shanahan's son, who wasn't keen on McNabb at quarterback anyway.

After one meeting in which Kyle Shanahan criticized McNabb in front of teammates, a Redskins player recalled, the quarterback pulled his coordinator aside, warning him to never speak to him that way again. McNabb started 13 games that season, but with three games left, he was benched in favor of Rex Grossman, who had played for Kyle Shanahan in Houston.


The Skins' offseason will be more fascinating than their regular season.

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