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Report: NFL May Go Back To Keeping Players In Locker Room During Anthem

Photo: Rich Schultz/Getty Images
Photo: Rich Schultz/Getty Images

NFL owners might have decided last month not to make any changes to the league’s national anthem policy, which meant there would be no punishments for players who are using the anthem as a platform to protest racial inequality. But that doesn’t mean things won’t be changing next year.

The Washington Post reported that if the players keep protesting until the end of this season, the league might well revisit the matter during the offseason. But instead of any kind of punitive measures, the NFL would instead just keep the players in the locker room during the anthem. Which honestly seems just fine: If the NFL doesn’t want its players to inject politics into sports, it shouldn’t subject its players to the political act of standing for the anthem in the first place.

Anyway, guess who’s still throwing a tantrum about this:


Who wants to tell this asshole the NFL only required having its players and coaches on the sideline for the anthem in 2009, or right when the league decided that patriotism was just another branding opportunity? It’s almost as if the NFL’s so-called “anthem controversy” has nothing to do with players disrespecting the flag, the country, or the military!

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Dom Cosentino is a staff writer at Deadspin.

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