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Report: "NFL Owner," Who Is Actually Just Some Packers Fan, Is Very Mad About Anthem Protests

Screenshot via Daily Caller

David Hookstead of the Daily Caller spoke to an NFL owner who is livid about the anthem protests, and he wants you to know:


Who, pray tell, is this anonymous NFL owner who chose the Daily Caller as their media outlet of choice for some juicy quotes about being “fucking livid,” seeing “this shit” that “needs to end immediately”? There are no real hints to his identity in the story’s first paragraph... or the second... or the third (though there is the quote “I’ll give up football completely and find something else to do with my time if this continues,” which is something). Nothing in the fourth paragraph... the fifth... here’s a photograph inserted... oh! Here it is. Yep. There you go:

To be clear, the owner we spoke with is a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers. We feel this makes him uniquely qualified to put his finger on the pulse of everyday Americans, as opposed to possibly out of touch billionaires that own other NFL franchises.


Ah, yes, this guy who spent $250 for a certificate declaring him a Green Bay Packers shareholder is actually the most qualified person to offer the perspective of an NFL owner. Who knew?????

[Daily Caller]

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