As a result of Colin Kaepernickā€™s collusion grievance against the NFL, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Texans owner Bob McNair, and Patriots owner Bob Kraft will have to turn over their phones, according to ESPNā€™s Adam Schefter. Those three might not be the only ones, either:

Others owners, teams and league officials also will be deposed, but those individuals have been confirmed for now.


Tom Brady didnā€™t give over his phone, so itā€™s hard to imagine three billionaires doing that. I would love to know what they text about, though!

Correction (2:05 p.m. ET): The original version of this post stated that the NFL was asking team owners to turn over their phones, when Schefterā€™s report actually isnā€™t clear on whether the court or league is making the owners do so. The article has been amended.