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South African newspaper Beeld has contacted sources close to the police investigation of Oscar Pistorius's shooting of Reeva Steenkamp and filled in a few details about that morning: First, police believe that Steenkamp was sitting "on the lavatory"—bathroom sink—when Pistorius shot her through the bathroom door, and second, Pistorius is said to have carried Steenkamp downstairs and attempted to resuscitate her after the shooting.

Neither fact will alter the prosecution's premeditated murder charge, but the court will soon be poring over the events of that morning, and determinations regarding Pistorius's culpability will depend largely on the interpretation of testimony like this. From the Telegraph, which translated Beeld's report:

Sources told Beeld, the Afrikaans language newspaper, that security guards who heard the shots and rushed to the house saw the Paralympic gold medalist was seen running down the stairs with the blonde model in his arms.

Paramedics who arrived shortly afterwards were unable to revive her.

She had been shot four times, in the head, chest and hand, through the bathroom door. Initial reports suggested Pistorius fired the fatal shots believing she was an intruder, although the claim has since been played down by police.

Blood spatters ran along the route Pistorius is said to have carried his girlfriend as he sought help, and bloody towels lay on the floor where police found her when they arrived moments later, the paper said.

They are reported to have removed the bullet-marked bathroom door as evidence. According to the paper's source, they apparently believe that Miss Steenkamp was sitting on the lavatory when she was shot.

That series of events went unconfirmed by local police, who cited the ongoing investigation. Beeld also reports that detectives have approached a former girlfriend of Pistorius, who made vague allegations about abuse to a local newspaper last year.

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