Report: Rex Ryan Flirted With Bachelorette Party By Complimenting Feet, Winking, Saying "You Know What I Like"

Lest you think Rob and Rex Ryan’s wild weekend in Nashville was only about watching hockey and fighting people in a Margaritaville restaurant, a report from Busted Coverage shows that there was also some flirting with a bachelorette party in that same Margaritaville.


Per a Busted Coverage interview with one of the women—Jess, the blonde with Rob’s hand resting on her stomach above—Rex told her that she had “nice feet” before winking (winking) and saying, “You know what I like.” Rex was the one who approached the women, who initially had no idea who he was, and Rob eventually joined in for everyone to take a picture. Rex told them he liked the picture and asked for them to text it to him. (Smooth move...)

Both Ryan brothers are married.

Wasting away in Margaritaville isn’t just for brawling, folks. It’s also for using your foot fetish to hit on people.

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