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Report: Sam Darnold's Toenail Removal Procedure Was "Pretty Gross"

Toenail is the new seeing ghosts is the new spleen is the new mononucleosis. Add to the never-ending list of Sam Darnold’s bizarre ailments a toenail that had to be removed on Tuesday, after the Jets QB’s foot got stepped on during his team’s spooky loss to the Patriots on Monday. Head coach Adam Gase did not specify which little piggy got roastbeefed, but he did say that, even though Darnold will need a new shoe with some extra padding, there’s no doubt that he and all 10 of his toes will be in action come Sunday.

You might imagine that the removal of a toenail is pretty dang gross, and instead of googling to confirm your suspicions, I’d rather you just read Adam Gase telling you that you’re right.

“We’re just trying to make sure that he feels good with the shoes that he’s got,” Gase said. “He just had that procedure (Tuesday). He had a toenail removed. I don’t know. It was pretty gross, what they were talking about.”

Darnold’s physical problems have now spread all through his body, from saliva to his chest and now the ends of his feet. Maybe that means he’s finally done being haunted.

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