Report: Space Jam 2 Starring LeBron James Is In The Works

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According to Deadline, a sequel to Space Jam is in the planning stages, and it would star LeBron. [Updated]

Beyond LeBron, there are a bunch of names linked to the project already. to The Deadline report says that Dick Ebersol's sons are attached to the project. Charlie Ebersol has worked with the NFL, and Willie Ebersol won an Emmy for his work during the London Olympics. Jon Berg is the production executive.

So, this looks like it's happening, and that is FANTASTIC (as long as it's, uh, good). Don't worry that LeBron was pretty terrible on SNL, and is probably a god-awful actor when stretched to feature length; Mike was pretty bad, too. The real fun is just seeing all our favorite NBA characters on screen. Can we get a Giannis-themed Monstar? Nate? ...Just plain old Chris Kaman? Can they get KD? Can it possibly top the GOAT soundtrack of the first movie? Will LeBron's box score be better than MJ's? Will J.R. Smith be allowed with 100 miles of the set? Does Marv Albert make the cut? What about Charles, Kenny, Ernie, and Shaq? Can we leave Shaq at home? All of these questions need answers.



Update: Brian Windhorst has a source close to LeBron who says the Deadline report is inaccurate, and that there is no Space Jam 2 project in the works.