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Report: Steve Sarkisian Is Looking For An NFL Coaching Job

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Former USC head coach Steve Sarkisian, just a few months removed from being fired apparently due to his alcohol abuse problems, is looking to find his next job as an NFL quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter


Schefter’s report says that Sarkisian’s journey to an NFL sideline hasn’t gotten any further than him “putting out feelers” to various teams. Sarkisian’s previous NFL coaching experience amounts to one year as the Raiders’ quarterbacks coach in 2004.

Lack of experience won’t be nearly as big of an obstacle to overcome as his history of substance abuse, which stretches back to at least his days as the University of Washington head coach, will be. Sarkisian has previously claimed that he’s sought treatment since his dismissal from USC and is sober and ready to coach again, but the immense pressure and long hours that come with any NFL coaching job aren’t exactly what a recovering addict needs.


Then again, what the hell else is Sarkisian supposed to do? In a perfect world, he’d be able to find a low-stress job and focus on staying sober, but coaching football is all he’s ever done. It doesn’t help that he’s out the $12.6 million that was left on his contract when USC fired him “with cause.” Sarkisian’s filed a lawsuit to get that money back, but who knows how long that case will take to get sorted out. Until then, football is the best chance Sarkisian has at earning a living.

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