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Report: The Patriots Blame Tom Brady's Quack Trainer For Gronk's Injuries

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Rob Gronkowski is hobbled and washed, and Patriots brass at least in part blames Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s quack/body advisor. That’s according to a report by the NFL Network’s Michael Giardi:


In case you don’t want to watch that video, what Giardi says in it is that:

Internally, the Patriots feel like Gronkowski brought some of this on himself. When he reported, he came in not as strong, not as fast, and not as explosive...The injuries popped up to the ankle, to the Achilles, to the back...The Patriots feel as though if he had done it their way, as opposed to the TB12 way, which Gronk is devoted to, maybe things would have been different.

This fits with what the Boston Herald reported in April 2018—that Bill Belichick ripped Gronk in front of the team for working with Guerrero—and with what ESPN has been reporting about the Patriots for years: that Brady’s relationship with and reliance on Guerrero has divided the team and organization. The Patriots banned Guerrero—who, it cannot be said strongly enough, is a shady quack—from the team’s sidelines and planes in 2017, but there’s no evidence that Guerrero has stopped training Patriots players. If there is a God in heaven, the Patriots will lose by six touchdowns tonight, and more backbiting, recriminations, and accusations of cheating will permanently sink their dynasty. As it stands, Julian Edelman will likely score a decisive touchdown and personally credit Guerrero in his MVP acceptance speech, and Guerrero will be appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services by the end of the year.

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