After four football players were among 19 TCU students arrested yesterday for allegedly dealing everything from marijuana to cocaine to LSD, questions began to emerge about just how many Horned Frogs players failed a surprise drug test issued two weeks ago by coach Gary Patterson. That's because one of the accused players told what turned out to be an informant 60 players would be "screwed" by the test, while another told an undercover cop "82 people failed it."

Those numbers both figured to be a bit inflated, since the players were likely exaggerating. But to what degree? A report today from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram cites a source that says only five football players failed the surprise test. Eleven others had trace amounts of marijuana in their systems, but those amounts were within the test's margin of error. The team's other 86 players were reported to be clean. Sources also told the Star-Telegram Patterson only administered the test after a recruit who turned down a scholarship offer complained about the team's alleged drug use. College kids using marijuana? Next thing you know they'll be drinking beer and fornicating, too.


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