Report: University Rules That Kansas Basketball Player LaGerald Vick Likely Punched Female Student

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According to a report from the Kansas City Star, Kansas Jayhawks guard LaGerald Vick was the subject of a university investigation which ruled that Vick likely punched a female student and kicked her in the face back in December 2015 and January 2016. The school’s Office of Institutional Opportunity and Access looked into Vick’s case and quickly came to the conclusion that he had likely committed domestic violence. They recommended that he be put on probation for two years, although the Star was ultimately unsure whether or not he was ever put on probation or disciplined by the team:

University investigations use preponderance of evidence standards — which means the matter in dispute is more likely than not to be true — to determine if violations of school policy occurred. It is not known if a report was filed with campus police but Vick has not been charged with a crime. The KU office recommended Vick be put on university probation for two years, The Star has learned. It isn’t known if Vick was ever put on that probation or, if he was, if he is still on it. He continues to play.

Vick is averaging 24 minutes a night for the fourth-ranked Jayhawks, and as the Star notes, the only two games he has missed over his college career were both due to sickness. A Jayhawks spokesman wouldn’t clarify whether or not Vick has been disciplined and Bill Self refused comment.


This news comes just a week after Lawrence Police announced that they were investigating reports that a 16-year-old had been raped at the dorm where the basketball team stays and just a few days after Carlton Bragg was suspended over a violation of the team’s drug rules.

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