It's always risky trusting the English soccer rumor mill, but this one looks certain: long-time captain Steven Gerrard will leave Liverpool at the end of the season, quite possibly for MLS.

As Billy briefly touched on yesterday, Liverpool's best match of the season came Monday with Gerrard on the bench. Manager Brendan Rodgers has spent the better part of the season figuring out how to integrate Captain Fantastic while he has increasingly looked like Liverpool's weakest link. He returned to the pitch today against Leicester, and while he scored both Liverpool goals in a 2-2 draw, they were on penalties other players drew, and Gerrard looked largely ineffectual all match.


Still, it's shocking to see Gerrard set to leave the only club he has ever known, especially when he still has some gas left in the tank. Gerrard joined Liverpool at age nine—he's spent the last 25 years of his life with the club, leading it to a Champions League trophy (but no Premier League title) among other accomplishments. To see him not in red—the Los Angeles Galaxy are the early favorite—will be a strange sight indeed.

Photo via Laurence Griffiths/Getty