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Reports: Kevin Durant Likes Places

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Kevin Durant, as a professional basketball player, travels to many places for work. Kevin Durant, impending free agent, enjoys being in some of those places.


Like Boston! Durant and the Thunder were in Boston for a game on Wednesday, and you should have heard him gush about the birthplace of revolution.

“I like the city a lot,” said the Thunder superstar and potential object of every cap-room-possessing NBA franchise’s affection this offseason. “It’s cold but they love sports here. It’s a family atmosphere I feel when I walk around the city. So yeah, I like it a lot.”


Durant a Celtic in 2016-17?! Start printing up those jerseys.

But wait! The Thunder are in Philadelphia, cradle of liberty, for another game tonight (basketball players play a lot of games). And wouldn’t you know it, the two-timer also likes Philly.

“I love being in Philly, too,” Durant said after shootaround in the Sixers arena.”

How can a man enjoy being in two cities? Start printing up that weird half-Sixers-half-Celtics jersey, as the NBA and NBPA alter their rules to allow Durant to play for both teams next year. But only home games, because he doesn’t equally enjoy the cities that those teams travel to.

We’re in the roughest part of the NBA regular season, when everyone just wants to get to the playoffs already. (The season is about 20 games too long.) Durant is an intriguing free agent, and local papers and blogs and sports radio need stuff to talk about, and imagining Durant on their teams is as good as anything. It’s, know, kind of pointless. Here’s the criteria for a “Could [Team] Sign Kevin Durant?” story these days:

“Do you think Kevin Durant is a good basketball player?”


“Can you afford to sign him?”


HEADLINE: [TEAM] Could Pursue Kevin Durant This Summer

And it seems we’re going to do this with every damn team on OKC’s schedule. The Rockets? Hell yeah. The Spurs? Fuck and yes. The Pacers? No, actually, no one’s even pretending that’s a thing. But Indianapolis is lovely. Very walkable. Bet KD appreciates his time there this weekend.


City-enjoyer Kevin Durant is most likely to return to the Thunder this summer. But if he doesn’t, he’s probably not going to tip his hand this week by being polite to central business districts.

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