Despite reaching a plea deal in his child abuse case earlier this week, the NFL has not yet reinstated Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. On Friday, the NFLPA reportedly sent a letter to the league demanding that Peterson be reinstated on the basis that the league reneged on the deal that was originally promised to Peterson.


ESPN reports that when Peterson was first placed on the commissioner's exempt list, general counsels from the league and the player's association signed a letter stating that he would be immediately reinstated once his legal issues were resolved. Pro Football Talk has obtained a copy of that original letter, the important portion of which reads:

The player agrees that, effective as of yesterday (September 17, 2014), he is placed on the Commissioner-Exempt list with full pay until the criminal charges currently pending against him are adjudicated. No discipline will be processed or imposed against the player, by the Club or the League, until after the pending criminal charges are adjudicated.

Based on that language, it sure seems like Peterson should have been able to return to the Vikings after reaching his plea deal, but the NFL is saying "nah" to all that, and now the NFLPA is pissed, hence the letter that was sent to the league on Friday.


Meanwhile,'s Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Vikings front office is divided on whether Peterson should return to the team:


Basically, nobody has any idea what they are doing right now. Roger Goodell is trying to figure out what kind of punishment to hit Peterson with, and under normal circumstances Peterson would be allowed to practice and play while that process plays out, but Goodell—who is an expert at just making shit up as he goes along—is buying himself time by letting Peterson dangle on the exempt list. Which apparently is all well and good for the Vikings, since it sounds like they don't have any idea what they plan to do with Peterson once he does get back.