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Illustration for article titled Reports: Wisconsin Running Back Montee Ball Arrested For Lamest Offense Ever

Twitter is aflutter with reports of one of the silliest transgressions in college football. Montee Ball was apparently arrested and cited for trespassing during Wisconsin's annual Mifflin Street block party. The picture above, appeared on Twitter minutes ago and purports to show Ball being taken away by a couple of crossing guard-looking police officers.

Wisconsin TV reporter Theo Keith later tweeted that "Madison Police Chief Noble Wray confirms that Montee Ball was arrested for trespassing on a #Mifflin2012 porch."


Yes, the Big Ten Offensive Player Of The Year was arrested for trespassing when he refused to leave someone's porch. But why would someone in Madison want Ball off their porch? Beer muscles? An angry boyfriend? Or is something more insidious going on in middle America? My money's on beer muscles, but you never know.

We'll update as more information is released and look forward to the character assassination weeks before the 2013 NFL draft.

Update 5:40 p.m. According to Keith, Ball was cooperative with police but was given a $429 ticket because the property owner did not want him on the porch.

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