Koufax. Gibson. Ryan. Strasburg. Now, MLB's not saying he's as good as them, but if six games are any judge, he's better!

According to MLB's new spot, Strasburg "has ignited the return of precision and power." So what were Verlander and Lincecum, chopped meat? The dude throws fast, and he's good, but it's tempting the fates (or at least the finger wagging of easily riled-up bloggers) to throw him in a montage with three of the greatest pitchers ever to play the game.

We get it: he hits 100 on the radar gun. So did Matt Anderson.

UPDATE: As reader Patrick points out, MLB prominently used a clip of Strasburg striking out Pirates pitcher Jeff Karstens. PRECISION AND POWER, PEOPLE!

(Video courtesy of Capitol City Goofballs)