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Revenge Is A Dish Best Served On The Front Lawn

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This is how they settle disputes between rival baseball fans on the mean streets of Chicago, yo. A White Sox fan, who had been mocked all season by a Cubs fan, got ultimate revenge when the Cubs were rudely ousted from the playoffs by the Dodgers. The best part I believe is the fact that this prank took more hard work and planning than either Piniella or Guillen ever used with their respective pitching rotations. Alternate headline: A preponderance of goat, perhaps? Steve Rosenbloom has the whole somewhat awesome story over on his blog at the Chicago Tribune. An excerpt:

Sunday morning at the Cubs house. A battery-operated CD player with a timer went off at exactly 7:30. A bullhorn is attached to the CD player. The whole contraption is placed right outside the Cubs couple's bedroom. Blasting out of the bullhorn is a very loud and painfully slow version of "Go Cubs Go." "Go." "Cubs." "Go." Ah, but the Sox husband couldn't leave it at that. No, as the Cubs husband sought the source of the noise, he ventured out to his front yard. There he found 100 lawn signs with nothing but a drawing of a billy goat stuck in the ground. Yes, 100 signs. For some reason, that number rings a bell.

Man, Chicago baseball fans have a lot of time on their hands. A Sox Fan's Revenge On A Cubs Fan: And That, Finally, Was That [Chicago Tribune]

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