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There's going to be football after all, which means there will be the New York Jets, which means it's time for people to start worrying and wondering about Mark Sanchez again. What can we expect this year from the young fellow who inherited the title of "New York football hero," scare quotes very much included, from Eli Manning? No sooner had the lockout ended than Rex Ryan was robo-calling New York Jets' season-ticket holders to inspire them for the season ahead. The Star-Ledger transcribed the coach's message:

The ground-and-pound offense is ready to roll. Sanchez is going into his third year, I can't wait to see his improvements, and we're going to let it fly a little more than we have in the past.


"I can't wait to see his improvements." The baby-steps treatment for a first-round pick, quarterbacking a team with Super Bowl aspirations, never ceases to be adorable. There he is, all by himself, on the intro page of the Jets' website. We can't wait to see his improvements, either. Sanchez was fun enough when he was being positioned as Joe Namath 2.0 (aka, Joe Namath without the championship ring). Now he seems to be evolving into an inspirational combination of Roger Staubach and Rudy. Flap your wings, Mark Sanchez, and let it fly!

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