Rich Hill Surrenders Lead, Takes It Out On Candy

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Dodgers starter Rich Hill pitched well in Game 4 of the NLCS tonight, but he couldn’t quite hold on to L.A.’s slim 1-0 lead, which came early off a Brian Dozier RBI single. In the fifth inning, his final frame of the game, Hill gave up a base hit to Orlando Arcia (of course), and then surrendered a pinch-hit double from Domingo Santana, which scored Arcia on a mad dash home.

Hill was angry about that run, and he took it out on the sweetest thing in the Dodgers dugout. Yeah, Dick Mountain just absolutely went to town on a bucket of candy, and not in the fun, stomachache-inducing way but in the violent, “let’s not talk to him for at least an hour” way.


Chill out, dude. Have a chocolate bar.