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Rick Reilly Makes Eight Times As Much Money As Jonathan Papelbon

As Sussman put it, ESPN filled its "Badly Needed Smart-Alecky Middle-Aged White Guy Quota" by hiring Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly, who filed his last SI column a couple of weeks ago. He won't start until June 1 of next year, which should give him plenty of time to hone those "multimedia" skills. We knew he was making a lot of money over there, but it appears we had no idea.

According to Silicon Alley Insider, Reilly's getting, as Bill Conlin might call it, "ballplayer money."

Most reports have Rick pulling down a staggering $2 million or so for his 5-year contract at his new employer. But we hear those estimates are low. Rick, we're told, is actually going to pull down $17 million over the next five years at ESPN, or $3.4 million a year.


$3.4 million a year? Heavens. Hey, Simmons: Call your agent, now.

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