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Ricky Davis, Man Of Mystery

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The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has an entertaining story today about athletes using fake names on the road. They have a fun anecodte about Drew Gooden, but the real fun comes with the sidebar, which lists the fake names some players have used. Some highlights:

Shaquille O'Neal: Vladamire Mandingo
Tracy McGrady: T. Pistols
Bimbo Coles: Donald Duck
Tyrone Hill: Greg Norman
Ricky Davis: Dicky Ravis


Those are all pretty funny, but nothing can possibly compare with "Dicky Ravis." Is he serious? Yeah, no one's gonna crack that code. This barely beat out his other alias, "Icky-ray Avis-day."

At this point, your humble editors Lill Weitch and Chick Randler would like you to respect their privacy and don't bother them in their respective hotels this holiday season.

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