Right On Cue, The Patriots Sign Antonio Brown

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Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty)

It almost seemed too obvious to be possible, but malcontent former Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown is headed to the Patriots to become yet another in what feels like a whole roster’s worth of talented yet difficult players who have found a home with Bill Belichick through the years. The terms, on the surface, look more than alright for a guy who spent the past month seemingly trying as hard as he could to burn all his bridges in Oakland.


This all feels like a remake of Randy Moss’s move to New England over a decade ago, but even if he doesn’t achieve quite the level of success that Moss did after he left a bad situation in Oakland for new heights with the Pats, Brown is suddenly in a much better place. Instead of plugging away on a bad team with a rocky future, he’ll catch passes from possibly the greatest QB of all time while playing for the closest thing to a playoff lock there is in the NFL. Maybe this was his plan all along?