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Rinku And Dinesh Are Not On The Babewatch!

Our Baseball Yatra is fast becoming one of my favorite baseball blogs. It chronicles the adventures of Rinku Singh and Dinesh Kumar Patel, the pair of teenagers from India who won a pitching contest in their native country and ended up signing pro contracts with the Pittsburgh Pirates. In today's episode, Rinku denies rumors that he's "on the Babewatch." He fears American women! His impassioned denials of Babewatching follow.

From his blog:

One very, very bad thing about the news is that they say I on the BABEWATCH. this not true. i not watching girls. i only pitching, training, eat, watch baseball/Movies and sleep. American women very dangerous and very crazy. I like only Indian woman. Dinesh and JB, Sir have been harrassing me about this BABEWATCH. I do not like the BABEWATCH.


The site he's referring to, Disgrasian, is edited by a pair of chicks who are, evidently, the Babewatchers, not the Babewatchees. So Rinku may be misinterpreting things. Or it's quite possible that I am. At any rate, he ends with this:

I also learn how to play darts from Neil, sir. First time, I thinking I throw darts too hard and they no sticking. Neil, sir also claim to be real person they make Snakes in a Plane movie about. Dinesh and I not believe him anymore. He is a tricky one.

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