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RIP To Matthew Dellavedova And His Terrible, Beautiful Lob Passes

For a minute there, it looked like Matthew Dellavedova, little try-hard that he is, was going to become a Finals hero for the Cleveland Cavaliers. That didn’t really work out, but that’s not to say that Delly didn’t provide us with a great deal of entertainment, because oh man did this guy do some hilarious things while starting at point guard for five games in the NBA Finals.


Nothing Delly did brought me more joy than his various attempts at throwing an alley-oop to one of his teammates. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a point guard so spectacularly incapable of tossing up a decent lob pass, but these are the joys that come from an injury-riddled team limping into the Finals. For your viewing pleasure, we have put together a compilation of our favorite failed Delly-oops in the video clip above. God bless this man’s constant fight against his own depth perception.


Video editing by Tim Burke