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Twitter User Jim Harbaugh Roasts "Amazing" Nick Saban

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There’s been a fairly mundane controversy swirling about the college football offseason regarding the legality of satellite football camps (little coaching clinics put on by schools used as a recruiting tactic) and whether or not head coaches should attend. In April, the NCAA banned satellite camps, then reversed the ban later in the month. At one point, the Department of Justice got involved.

Jim Harbaugh is a big proponent of the camps and, since many are targeted towards luring recruits from the South, Nick Saban ain’t too happy. He got all self righteous and pulled the integrity card:

“I don’t know how much it benefits anybody because all the people that say this is creating opportunities for kids, this is all about recruiting,” Saban said at the Southeastern Conference’s annual meeting. “That’s what it’s about. ... What’s amazing to me is somebody didn’t stand up and say here’s going to be the unintended consequences of what you all are doing.”


The Crimson Tide coach added “there needs to be somebody that looks out for what’s best for the game, not what’s best for the Big Ten or what’s best for the SEC or what’s best for Jim Harbaugh, but what’s best for the game of college football — the integrity of the game, the coaches, the players and the people that play it. That’s bigger than all of this.”


Alabama is no beacon of truth and clean football, so Harbaugh—always a fan of dishing out sick burns to the SEC online—got fired up and did a tweet.

It’s the quotes that make it. Unlike his attempted OSU burn, this one is actually spicy.

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